Recently the Star Trek: Elite Force II Server list remains empty, this is due to the Elite Force II Master Server being down.

Read our article how to solve that issue.

Things which are not from us, but also good!

Elite Force 2 - Official Relases

Patch 1.1

The patch 1.1 is recommended, it fixes many problems not just for Multi-Player

Official Patch 1.1 icon

WARNING: Savegames from version 1.0 are not compatible with the Patch! , the patch is allready included in the Mac version and the Linux-Server.

The community only provides servers with the patch, you will need to patch to play on-line.

The installation of the patch does not need you too revalidate your game, you do not need to re-enter your cd-key, and you will be still able to use your old save-games if you use the Switcher tool.

DOWNLOAD the Official Patch 1.1: | | | HaZardModding

EF2 Game Developing Kit (GDK)

This is the Official Game Developing Kit for Star Trek: Elite Force II.

Please download and use this updated game source code.

Ubertools logo

The GDK includes the following tools/files:

  • ÜberRadiant, the level Editor for STEF2
  • Model Export/Import Plugins, for 3D Max 5
  • A few sample .map files
  • Skin/model source files, for 3D Max 5
  • Various other tools, Lip-Syncronisation for Dialogs, Menu Creator, etc..
  • All official Übertools-Documentations

The Übertools Documentation is also available on-line at, it introduces the Key-Features of the Übertools Engine such as:

HazardModding advice you to install its patch for the Überradiant, the patch and details can be found at Our Patches & Bugfixes section

DOWNLOAD EF2 GDK: | | | HaZardModding

EF2 Game Source

This is the game source for Star Trek Elite Force II.

Star Trek: Elite Force 2 Logo Icon

The package contains all of the server side game code for singleplayer and multi-player and it includes all of the changes up to and including the 1.10 patch.

This version has been updated by Gsio and will work with VisualC++ 2005 and 2010!

DOWNLOAD EF2 Game Source: HaZardModding

EF2 Official UK-Special Edition Bonus level

Hostile Takeover is a official additional Multi-Player Map.

Addon Hostile Takeover preview

The Map was originally shipped only with the UK Special edition of Star Trek: Elite Force II

The map is officially named Hostile Takeover, but due to the Filename dm_firstcontact the Map is widely also known as First Contact.

Thanks goes to Lady Sahra which hosted the file on her Website for years. Now her Websites are gone but the file remains.

DOWNLOAD map dm_firstcontact: | HaZardModding

Elite Force 2 - Mods

A Gate two Birds and the beautiful Sky

Developed by the colonists this is a wounderful Open-Source Single-Player Modification.

The story centrers around Illia Ericcson, a former agent of Section 31, the Federation's most secret intelligence agency.

You take the role of Illia in The Collonists sequel of the award winning STVEF Mod Colony 7.

A exciting new Mission, 10 new levels and a entertaining story is waiting for you, the A Gate two Birds and the beautyful Sky Mod, short GBS is the best Single-Player Modification for Star Trek: Elite Force II ever relased.

DOWNLOAD the GBS Mod 1.31: | | | HaZardModding

Elite Force 2 - Addons

RPG Academy

Oberlerchner123 has converted the Starfleet Academy from EF2 its Single-Player to an RPG Multi-Player Map.

RPG Academy preview

The Convert of the original Elite Force II Starfleed Academy is excellent for intense Academy Role Playing, with full details and a minimum of loading time.

HazardModding advice you to install its patch for the RPG Academy, the patch and details can be found at Our Patches & Bugfixes section

DOWNLOAD rpg_academy:

RPG Enterprise E

GSIO01 re-mapped the Enterprise E based on Rituals Enterprise E concepts, from the EF2 Single Player.

RPG Enterpise E preview

It offers massive amount of interactivity and new scriptfeatures never seen before in STEF2

GSIO his Enterprise E rebuild includes the following Decks for RP:

  • Deck 1 - Bridge
  • Deck 7b - Shuttle Bay
  • Deck 7c - Crew Quatiers
  • Deck 8 - Sickbay, Armory, Brig, Transpoter Room
  • Deck 11 - Astrometrics, Libary
  • Deck 16 - Engineering

DOWNLOAD Enterprise E (INCLUDING OUR PATCH 1.1): HaZardModding

DOWNLOAD Enterprise E (default): | | HaZardModding

RPG Moondust

This small but creative RPG Map was created by DRAGON JM.

RPG Moondust preview

RPG Moondust features not just a Turbolift, Garden, Shuttle bay, Engine Room, Cargo bay and Forcefields, it features also a import of the ShuttleV2s which can take the players for a ride.

Automatic Defense Turrets can be activated, this offers a little extra RPG action, as well as the destructible Forcefields.

RPG Moondust includes also a HaZardModding Script Technology, which gives each player a uniqe targetname, this alowes players to be reffered individually via script or console commands. The Uniqe Targetname Script was developed for the HaZardModding Co-op Mod.

DOWNLOAD RPG Moondust: | HaZardModding

Heavy Metal: FAKK2 - Official Relases

Patch 1.02

Official F.A.K.K. 2 Patch 1.02.

Fixes several crashing issues. Game version is displayed in the upper right of the menu.

DOWNLOAD F.A.K.K. 2 Patch: | | HaZardModding

Editing Tools / Source Code

Official F.A.K.K. 2 Editing Tools.

Heavy Metal FAKK2 editing tools and source code.

DOWNLOAD F.A.K.K. 2 Editing tools: | HaZardModding

Map Source Files

Official Map Source

Includes map-source files for: swamp1,oracle,homes2evil,fakkhouse,cliff1 and cemetery.

You will need the FAKK Editing Tools to work with these files.

DOWNLOAD F.A.K.K. 2 Map Source: | HaZardModding

Medal of Honor: Cooperative

MOHAA Coop Mod, FULL Complete

A Coop Mod for MOHAA

This is a Modification is allowing you to play Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, Spearhead and Breakthrough Campaigns together with your buddys.

DOWNLOAD Team Assault Co-Op: | HaZardModding

Alien vs Predator (Classic 2000)

Coop Levels

These Levels can be played Co-operatively

I have no idea who made them and what exactly they offer...

But since they are extremly hard to find and barly downloadable anymore I've put them up here

DOWNLOAD AvP Coop Levels: HaZardModding

Deep Space 9: The Fallen

Convergence - Mission Addon Modification

A mission addon pack by The Convergence Team

This Modification adds a new Mission to the game with many very well made new maps.

This is version 1.1 for manual Installation, please use the link if you wish to download the Mod-Installer.

If the game-speed is to slow/fast use the following additional command in the shortcut to the game or Mod: -CPUSPEED=2110
Please replace 2110 with the real Frequency of your CPU.

If the game is still not working correctly you need to disable "Step speed/Speed Step/EIST" for Intel and "Cool 'n' Quiet" for AMD CPUs.

DOWNLOAD Convergence Mod: | HaZardModding